The july 16 is here to raise the bar for the creative world and integrate its spirit into the culture at large. We intend to exhibit creativity and showcase talent with an approach never seen before.

We select the few ones who can truly package yesterday with today and the superficial with the thought provoking. We are here to initiate and support artistic and cultural processes, to make them take place.

Updated 09/03/2014




“The July 16” agency was founded in 2009 by Oxana Bondarenko, а Russian kulturtrager with a degree from France’s first art-business school — ICART (Institut Supérieur des Carrières Artistiques) and numerous years of experience in art production. Our company builds bridges between countries and fills niches in the context of cultural exchange, by working with contemporary artists from Moscow, London and Paris to Mexico City and San Paolo. We believe art is the best medium with which to express, inspire and unify.

Apart from art-market analysis and consulting we pride ourselves in organizing exhibitions from the initial concept to the finest details of the execution, including but not limited to; choice of space and curatorial idea and assembling a professional team for the realization of every step of production. We are also happy to provide our expertise in conceptualizing and executing tailor-made inter-disciplinary projects for contemporary art-loyal brands.
Creative production

Development of concepts and platforms tailored to the specific objectives of the client. Our professionals will help you create and maintain a positive brand identity, attract new audiences and create interest, excitement and loyalty among existing consumers.
Site Specific Works

Collaborations with independent artists and commercial organizations to transform public and private spaces.
Curator projects

Generation of ’The July 16′ signature multi-disciplinary projects that integrate art, music and design in a specific context. Often done as part of major art events such as The Contemporary Art Biennale.

Posted 05/01/2013